Bunker Built For The Cold War

All the world's your stage - How about an abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker? Explore it today

The corridors of the bunker were typically narrow

What if there was a way you could take an exclusive tour of an abandoned bunker in the middle of the desert in the United States?.

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☠ Secret bunkers were common during WW2 ☠

Abandoned nuclear bunker, travel to urban exploration.

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Originally an abandoned Stalinist nuclear bunker

When a nuclear apocalypse hits the end of the world, something has to survive. Explore abandoned Cold War and WW2 bunkers scarred with history and stories, and discover how they became the monumental amount of bunkers they are today. The bunkers contained all the necessities to survive the inevitable nuclear attack, and their stories will bring you to tears and gasp for air.

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World War 2 Transylvania Abandoned Bunker ★★★☆☆

These photos show the history of the Second World War, captured through remarkable images like these views of abandoned bunkers.

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Uncover the history of this legendary bunker

Abandoned bunkers still remain under Europe Streets.

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UrbExDiscovery.com Abandoned World War II Bunker

The images show the bunkers lying abandoned under a European street.

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Explore the most notorious bunkers of Europe

Abandoned Places explores different terrain, hidden by time, to bring to you the mysterious, unsolved mysteries of the WWII time period. Explore ruined guns, tunnels, bunkers, test sites, outposts, forts, and more. ⚡.

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Forgotten WWII Bunker Discovered ★★★★☆

You read that right: Abandoned Cold War and WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers. A unique collection of these unique places that were left by forgotten populations.

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We re opening a secret passage in a bunker! ★★★★★

Cold War bunkers transformed into living spaces and homes.

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Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers ★★★★★

Conquer a bunker and take a photo with a Soviet flag.

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Abandoned bunker and lost places

These urban explorers came across an abandoned World War II bunker that was finally revealed to the public.

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The bunker was once used for training

For as long as Bombardier and his cousins had been on their quest of uncovering new spots across Europe, they had never seen anything quite like what they found inside the abandoned World War II Bunker.

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A photo tour of abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites

Abandoned World War II Bunker. Technical marvels. Bizarre collectibles. Scary, eerie feeling.

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☭⃠ Abandoned World War 2 Bunker in Europe ☭⃠

The secret world of Cold War bunkers, underground bases, and forgotten government structures lie beneath the surface of the United States.

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Urbex: Abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker

See the World's Best Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunkers. Explore Castles in Russia, Underground Cities, Underground Tunnels. Save $20 off your first cheap thailand trip.

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Europe's Abandoned Bunkers and Lost Places

World War II Abandoned Places explores more than just bunkers.

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Bunkers were occupied by soldiers during WWII

Recalls the idea that during World War 2 bunkers were used to hide from German planes.

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☣️ Images of abandoned WWII bunkers ☣️

There are secrets inside the abandoned WWII bunkers that are waiting to be discovered!.

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    Your bunker is now on its way! It should be there on Friday. Please remember to unpack the bunker carefully, the bunker is filled with ammunition, some on remaining extremely dangerous.

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    We can't wait to tell our friends about how cool your experience is with us. On behalf of our team, we want you to know that we put your safety first and will go out of our way to make sure your day with us is memorable. A few things to note: Bring some rope, it's needed for the bunker tour. Bring adequate clothing, for any type of weather condition you

  • Christina Motes says :

    The nuclear bunker has been abandoned for decades. Since WW2, this abandoned urban exploration site has been sealed. With the Cold War long forgotten, the whole site is currently unprotected. Beyond the inaccessible entrance, the military-laced hush-hush site is mostly intact, thus giving explorers an expansive view of militarism during the Cold War.

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    Thank you for your interest in visiting Nuclear bunkers! You can now explore abandoned Cold War & WW2 nuclear bunkers, including the former Soviet nuclear city Pripyat. The guides at these bunkers are made up of real Cold War & WW2 veterans that are still alive today.

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    Sorry to see you go, the images show World War 2 bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets

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    I wanted to let you know that all of the images that you liked in your search results are the last twelve images that show World War 2 bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets.

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    For the Cold War, the USSR created over 30 nuclear bunkers throughout Russia. Some were abandoned and forgotten, while others were moved and still function as command and control centers. Urban Exploration (urbex) is the exploration and study of places that are typically abandoned or otherwise off-limits to the public. Urban exploration does not refer to trespassing.

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    Yes, we're looking forward to exploring more than just bunkers during our expedition in September. There will be plenty of other interesting places to explore.

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    Submissions are now closed for Sun Journeys. Thank you for your interest in the St Petersburg Bunker's Sun Journeys. Your submission will be placed on our website under consideration.

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    The nuclear bunkers, abandoned during the Cold War, are now open for visitors to explore. See below for directions to the bunkers.

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    World War II Abandoned Places: More than Bunkers! began as a project about how people live and navigate and navigate and live and navigate and live and navigate and live and navigate and live and navigate and live and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and navigate and

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    Nuclear Bunkers: The Cold War began with a nuclear weapons race. Now, deadly but relatively safe bunkers from the 1980s and early 1990s haunt hidden corners of the world. In this special issue of Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places, we brought you to the Bikini Atoll, a US Navy base in the South Pacific that's now a nuclear ghost town, to photograph

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